Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage

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Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage5

Suitable for storage: tomatoes, apples, potatoes, lettuce, garlic, broccoli, bananas and other fruits and vegetables.

◾ 0~15 degrees, adjust according to the items you need to store.
◾ High-density foam storage board, good heat preservation effect.
◾ International brand Bitzer, Carrier compressor, high efficiency and energy saving.
◾ The fan adopts the domestic first-line brand, with large air volume and uniform air supply.
◾ Provide you with integrated drawing design services.

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Fruit and veaetable storage Parameter

Dimension Length(m)*Width(m)*Height(m)
Refrigeration unit Carrier/Bitzer/Copeland etc.
Refrigeration type Air cooled/water cooled/evaporation cooled
Refrigeration R22,R404a,R447a,R448a,R449a,R507a Refrigerant
Defrost Type Electric defrosting
Voltage 220V/50Hz,220V/60Hz,380V/50Hz,380V/60Hz,440V/60Hz optional
Panel New material polyurethane insulation panel,43kg/m3
Panel thickness 100mm
Type of door Hanged door,sliding door,double swing electric sliding door,truck door
Temp. of room -5℃~+15℃ optional
Functions Fruit,vegetable,etc.
Fittings All necessary fittings are included,optional
Place to assemble Indoor/out door(concrete construction building/steel construction building)
Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage6

Our Advantages

Provide a complete solution

By understanding your needs, we can provide you with more practical cold storage design solutions

Professional cold storage design and construction

Working for 22 years, rich professional knowledge, years of experience in cold storage design and construction.

Cold storage construction industry qualification

The company attaches great importance to the accumulation of experience, and pays more attention to the improvement of its own strength. It has qualifications for pressure pipes, electrical and mechanical installations, and refrigeration equipment installation and maintenance. It also has dozens of invention patents to escort the design and construction of cold storage.

Experienced operation team

Many of our cold storage design engineers have been in the business for decades, have professional titles, and have more than 10,000 cold storage design cases.

Many well-known brand suppliers

Our company is the OEM factory of Carrier Group, and maintains long-term and stable cooperation with first-line international brands such as Bitzer, Emerson, Schneider, etc.

Timely pre-sales and after-sales service

Free quotation for cold storage design and construction is provided before sale, and after-sale: guide installation and commissioning, provide after-sales service 24 hours a day, and follow-up visits regularly.


Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage7

100mm panel
0.426mm steel panel,The foaming reaches a density of 38-45 kg, with good heat preservation performance and no deformation.

Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage8

Bitzer/Carrier/Emerson and other units
The original imported compressor has high energy efficiency and large cooling capacity. Energy saving, saving maintenance costs.

Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage9

High-efficiency air cooler
The air volume is uniform and the air supply distance is long, which can ensure the uniform cooling of the cold storage.

Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage10
Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage11
Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage12

Cold room door
Hinge door or sliding door can be selected according to needs, using high-quality hardware, strong and durable, and good sealing performance.

Distribution box
Using international brand high-quality electrical components, centralized control, convenient to adjust the temperature in the warehouse.

Low Base 5 Layers Shelves Open Vertical Multi Deck Display Chiller16

Danfoss Solenoid Valve
Control and regulation of fluids and gases

Low Base 5 Layers Shelves Open Vertical Multi Deck Display Chiller18

Danfoss Expansion Valve
Control the flow of refrigerant

Low Base 5 Layers Shelves Open Vertical Multi Deck Display Chiller17

Thickened Copper Tube
The tube wall is smooth and free of impurities and oxide scale. Ensure the tightness and cleanliness of the pipeline.

Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage13

Lights for cold room
Waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof, high brightness, large light area.

Fruit And Vegetable Cold Room Storage14

Air Curtain
Isolate the air exchange inside and outside the warehouse to maintain a stable temperature in the warehouse.

Cold Room Cases

1 Philippine small cold room

1. Philippine small cold room

2Malaysia Fruit and Vegetable cold room

2. Malaysia Fruit and Vegetable cold room

3British processing room cold room

3. British processing room cold room


4. U.S. container cold room


5. Uruguay Logistics cold room

6American Food Cold room

6. American Food Cold room

7Cambodian processing cold room

7. Cambodian processing cold room

8Nigeria Vaccine cold room

8. Nigeria Vaccine cold room

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