Technical Support

The choice of a set of equipment depends not only on the price, appearance, but also on the comprehensive strength of the company, whether it can provide customers with a full range of services, from product selection, shopping mall drawing design, piping design, construction drawing design, installation service, and after-sales service To choose from other aspects, a good supplier can escort the equipment for life-long use, so that the equipment can operate normally. And the service life is long and the failure rate is low.

Our company is a professional supplier of refrigeration equipment for commercial and supermarket. It has 18 years of experience and can provide the best solutions from sales to construction to after-sales service, and solve various problems as quickly as possible.


Recommend suitable products to customers to choose according to their drawings.

Recommend products according to the products you need to display.

Recommend products according to area and surrounding environment.

Issue 3D renderings and preview special sales effects.

Provide installation drawings: piping drawings and electrical drawings.

Calculate the details of the installation materials according to the drawings.

Provide customers with various complete materials and videos.

A professional equipment installation team will go to the site for installation.

Online 24-hour technical support is provided when the goods arrive on-site.

After Service

Any equipment will have problems. The key is to solve the problems in time. Our company has a professional team responsible for answering after-sales service problems. At the same time, there are professional instructions and manuals for the maintenance of equipment to assist customers in the maintenance of equipment.

Professional maintenance manual, easy to understand.

There are the most basic spare parts for wearing parts, which will be sent to customers together with the goods.

Provides 24-hour online question answering.

The regular maintenance of the equipment is tracked to remind customers of regular maintenance work.

Regularly track customers and equipment usage.


In terms of logistics and transportation, our company has made very safe protection for the products to ensure that the products reach the customer's port safely.

1. Logistics transportation methods: sea, land, and air.

2. Provide a 3D plan of product loading to make better use of space and save shipping costs.

3. Packaging method: According to the characteristics of the goods or the mode of transportation, different packaging is customized, with a series of packaging methods such as wooden frame, plywood, plastic film, wrap angle, etc., to protect the product from collision and pressure.

4. Mark: It is convenient for customers to check the product and quantity, so as to quickly install.