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Bitzer Semi-closed Piston Condensing Unit5

Suitable for: Supermarket, Shopping mall, Cold storage, Freezer, Processing room, Laboratory, Cold storage logistics.

◾ 2hp-28hp, a large range to choose from
◾ Adopt international brand Bitzer original compressor, high efficiency and energy saving
◾ The whole unit or split unit can be selected according to the needs of the store (condenser and unit are integrated or separated)
◾ High quality components of world famous brands
◾ Effective air-cooled condenser which enables high energy efficiency ratio
◾ Compact structure; sturdy and durable; convenient to install
◾ Widely applicable and can be applied to refrigerants R22, R134a, R404a, R507a, etc.

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Low temperature condensing unit rack

(Model No.) Copeland 蒸发温度Evaporating Temperature
Compressor to:-15℃ to:-12℃ to:-10℃ to:-5℃
Model*Number cooling input  cooling  input  cooling  input  cooling  input
capacity power capacity power capacity power capacity power
Qo(KW) Pe(KW) Qo(KW) Pe(KW) Qo(KW) Pe(KW) Qo(KW) Pe(KW)
RTBVPM2203OR-20E 4VES-10Y*2 27.56 13.36 31.78 14.26 34.6 14.86 42.84 16.22
RTBVPM2203OR-25E 4TES-12Y*2 33.66 16.42 38.68 17.51 42.02 18.24 51.86 19.88
RTBVPM2203OR-30E 4PES-15Y*2 37.74 18.26 43.63 19.54 47.56 20.4 58.96 22.4
RTBVPM2203OR-40E 4NES-20Y*2 45.86 21.98 52.66 23.41 57.2 24.36 70.5 26.6
RTBVPM2203OR-45E 4JE-22Y*2 51.8 24.56 59.34 26.12 64.36 27.16 78.9 29.58
RTBVPM3203OR-30E 4VES-10Y*3 40.62 20.06 46.58 21.36 50.55 22.23 62.01 24.21
RTBVPM3203OR-35E 4VES-10Y*2+4PES-15Y*1 46.72 22.7 53.57 24.17 58.13 25.15 71.24 27.4
RTBVPM3203OR-40E 4VES-10Y*2+4NES-20Y*1 49.76 24.39 57.07 26.01 61.95 27.09 75.99 29.57
RTBVPM3203OR-45E 4PES-15Y*3 58.92 27.99 67.54 29.78 73.28 30.98 89.7 33.78

BITZER compressor test


Advantages and Features

1、Provide a complete solution
By understanding your needs, we can provide you with more practical unit configuration solutions
2、Professional unit production factory
With 22 years experience, the physical factory provides you with reliable unit quality.
3、Cold storage construction industry qualification
We attaches great importance to the accumulation of experience, and pays more attention to the improvement of its own strength. It has production licenses, CCC certification, ISO9001 certification, integrity enterprises, etc., and also has dozens of invention patents to escort the quality of the unit.
4、Experienced operation team
We have a research and development department, all engineers have a bachelor degree or above, have professional titles, and are committed to developing more advanced and excellent unit products.
5、Many well-known brand suppliers
Our company is the OEM factory of Carrier Group, and maintains long-term and stable cooperation with first-line international brands such as Bitzer, Emerson, Schneider, etc.
6、Timely pre-sales and after-sales service
Pre-sales provide free project and unit configuration plans, after-sales: guide installation and commissioning, provide after-sales service 24 hours a day, and follow-up visits regularly.

Product description
Features of  Bitzer condensing unit refrigeration parts:
1) Adopted world famous refrigerant compressor ; low vibration&noise, good reliability;
2) With electric control box and multi protection functions including phase lack, overload, to constant compressor on/off and high/low pressure.
Compact box type construction for easy installation and pleasant looking;
3) Copper tube & aluminum fin type heat exchanger,high efficiency and long life;
4) Utilize external rotor fan to reduce the running noise;
5) World famous refrigerant components.

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